“Virtual” Single Scull  Rowing Challenge – finished

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21st November to 21st December 2020

The Scuola di Canottaggio Caslano e Malcantone (SCCM) is organizing a “virtual” single scull rowing challenge on a distance of 1’000 meter for the following categories: U15/U17/U19/Elite/Master and over 500 m for the U13 category.
Every participant can participate only for a single category (no age limitation for the Elite category)

The challenge will take place on a lake or a river as a “virtual” race thanks to electronic self-timing.
Those who row on a river shall make the first part rowing 1’000 m upstream and after a reasonable rest time, but in the same day, the same length downstream: the final time will be the average time of the two rows.

Conduct and regulation:

  1. The virtual rowing challenge is performed on a racing shell (single scull) by each participant individually.
    Every participant can just send one result for the selected category.
  2. The distance and time achieved must be measured by the Speed Coach GPS computer; the result will be counted as valid only if the expected distance is covered entirely.
  3. Each participant chooses a track on which to perform according to his/her taste and needs.
  4. Each participant must submit its result before December 21st, 2020 (24:00)
  5. The result will be validated through photo of the on-board computer’s display stating the distance covered and time spent, as well; the participant should be visible in the photo (see example picture here after).
  6. The result can be submitted using this form
    on the SCCM website and must be confirmed and validated by a coach or a member of the club’s committee (Master not required): please insert name and mail in the form, the coach will receive an e-mail with the data to confirm.
    We rely on the honesty of participants, coaches and managers.
  7. The results will be added automatically to the temporary ranking list visible online (SCCM website).
  8. For the categories Master M and F the time will be corrected based on  the following handicap table according to FISA/FIC.
    Each participant transmits the real time recorded (photo of the display) as well as the time calculated according to the handicap table.
  9. According to the final ranking list an award will be sent to each first classified in every category/specialty.
  10. In case of contention, the italian version of this page applies.


Click here for the participants’ list 
Click here for the challenge results for category



Comune di Agno

Comune di Magliaso

Comune di Caslano

Comune di Ponte Tresa

Comune di Collina d’Oro

Comune di Bioggio

Comune di Muzzano

Banca Cler

Galli Sicurezza SA, Lugano-Bironico

Garzoni SA, Lugano

Willy Robbiani Costruzioni SA, Bioggio

Ghirlanda Costruzioni SA, Dino

Construfin Sagl, Taverne

Macchimport SA, Mezzovico

PL Valli SA, Grancia

Garage Autors SA, Bioggio

Garage Buby Sorengo

Sandro Sormani SA, Caslano

Bolliger & Tanzi SA, Lugano

Basilese Assicurazioni, Manno

Intercad SA, Lugano

Franchini Elettricità, Lamone

Spalu SA, Lugano